"Maria was so calm and patient with them. The best part... she  managed to get amazing shots with two wiggly toddlers!"

"If I could book her to come take pictures of me once a week I would. Her photos made me feel so gorgeous and confident."

"Our wedding is a day we never want to forget and thanks to Maria's stunning photographs we will never have to. She captured perfectly the love we have for each other and the excitement we felt to marry one another."

Hi, I'm Maria!

 I am a fun loving, adventure taking photographer specializing in lifestyle and documentary sessions located in Eastern Iowa.
 As I was growing up, my dad took pictures of everything. As an adult, I stumbled across a collection of hundreds of photographs from my childhood- beautiful images that showed the heart of our family. Many had been put up on walls, like the black and white image of my older brother pulling me full speed on a Radio Flyer wagon, but the rest had filled books and totes- It was like finding treasure.
 In 2014, I married my husband and the military packed us up and we spent 7 years moving around the country. During that time, I started to feel as though I had lost myself. I left my family and friends back home, I was working a dead end retail job, and I was lacking something to be passionate about. That was until we welcomed my first little one into the world in 2016. I began taking photos like my dad had and I fell in love with the art. I finally had something I was passionate about- being a Mom, and being a Photographer.

  Let’s go tell the story of   you. It’s ready to be told!

 My style tends to lean warm with rich blacks, and bold contrast. I love earthy greens and bold skies when the weather allows. I try to shoot backlit for the warm earthy glow, but I also love to grab some extra lights and get creative with different lighting, especially at night! When I get an idea, I am not afraid to try something new on the spot—and more often than not those photos end up being favorites.
 My goal in photography is to be able to capture these memories, these everyday moments of magic, for others to look back on one day. I strive to create much more than photos though.  I want to capture a story and the emotions that go along with it. So much story can be told by the breath following a kiss, the whisper of a child, or even the wrinkled hands of someone you have loved your entire life. And every single one of those moments and details deserve to be captured and turned into beautiful art. I want our future generations to have a treasure to find like I did.